Faruk Saraç’s unique tuxedo designs -as a part of its sewing workshop culture- have given many different aspects to menswear over the years. Faruk Saraç’s Tuxedos, mostly preferred by many well-known people from celebrities to politicians have been the number one brand name that achieved success for their design, fabric, sewing, and tailoring features. Tuxedo, the symbol of chic and elegant men is ready to show up with Faruk Saraç’s background and experience to meet you. Faruk Saraç’s Tuxedos with a number of unique models and alternatives can be customized to your size and like to draw all attention towards you.

  • Vitale Barbaris Canonico
  • Carnet
  • Drapers
  • Valentino
  • Holland & Sherry
  • Loro Piama
  • Cloth Dormeuil
  • Brunello Cucinelli