Faruk Saraç | Turkish Ministry of Agriculture and Forestry
"Sonsuzluktur insan, yeteneklerinin, isteklerinin ve yapabileceklerinin sınırı olmayan. Akıldır insan, soran, arayan, keşfeden, ulaşan.”
faruk saraç, smokin, haute couture, damatlık, tuxedo
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Turkish Ministry of Agriculture and Forestry

About This Project

We presented this 300-item collection within the scope of the “Orman Yangınlarına Ulusal Destek” (National Support Against Forest Fire) campaign. The materials we used in those outfits –made for foresters who had worn the same outfit for nearly 50 years- feature heat insulation properties, and can help reduce sweat in summer but keep the user warm in winter. The new outfits that have many innovative features are not only more comfortable, but also give the forester a modern look. We showed the collection prepared for forest workers, forest guards, and fire fighters at Maslak Park Orman.


Faruk Saraç


12 June 2007


Maslak Park Orman

Bow Ties