Tailoring Workshop Culture

Faruk Saraç’s tailoring workshop, which combines his craftsmanship of more than a quarter-century with the highest level of fabric and material, does not just prepare a good suit or a jacket for you. Faruk Saraç designs the best suit reflecting your style. In this process, the style that is suitable for your body type is combined with the colours and fabrics, ideally representing your character. An integrated lifestyle, which will make a difference in your business and social environment, is sewn.

Privileged Styles

Faruk Saraç expresses the ultimate point of personalized service. Every year, the artworks of the tailoring workshop meet with only a few privileged gentlemen. The special names, whose styles are designed meticulously by Faruk Saraç, are limited. In order to take your place in this valuable list, you can fill the appointment form.

Custom Dressing Culture

Custom dressing, style tailoring or with its most-known name Haute Couture…Expressing the highest level of fashion, haute couture, is not just creating the best fitting style for you. Coming from French, this magical definition represents the combination of a fine pleasure with hand workmanship. For this reason, custom dressing is an art.